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Our Panther PAMM account consists of professional forex traders with stable profits and perfect money management. We have been trading since 2006 which means being in the 5 percent who win the battle against the markets. Our main focus is in the GBPUSD pairs and occasionally may trade other currencies pairs. The strategy is simple; discipline, low risk, knowledge of the markets and what makes them move. No emotions but just numbers which has to grow bigger. Our mission is to make investments in the forex market a more safe and secure option, even for traders with little or no experience.


As an investor you don’t need knowledge about forex. You will only need to open up an account with Alpari and allocate the money. Most have a job or other obligations which prevent them from being able to follow their accounts all the time. This exposes them to risks due to the volatility and constantly changing market conditions. Others simply prefer the simplicity of having experienced traders to do the job for them so they can enjoy life while we create a healthy profit while they do so. When you have opened the account then you will be able to allocate funds to invest in our system. You will have a “share” in the total account which is used by our team to trade with. Your money is always allocated to you in a separated account. Afterwards you can lean back and enjoy the freedom and do what you like most while our team will do all the hard work for you.


We are cooperating with Alpari as our preferred broker, because following our extensive testing and research, we found that they offer the best possible customer service. All investors will be assigned the same account manager, so that all will be treated with consistency and respect regardless of the amount invested. Alpari offers customer support in a variety of languages.

  • Alpari PAMM is regulated by FSC
  • Security of funds with Barclays bank
  • Awarded with multiple awards
  • Daily email statement

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