How to make a PAMM investor account, with Alpari and allocate funds to Panther PAMM

First of all click on the link below to start the registration process.
invest now

When you have clicked the link  you will arrive at the Alpari site showing the stats for PANTHER FUND . Here you click on the “INVEST FUNDS” or invest under “Panther Fund” buttonalpari_1


To open an account with Alpari, you will need to fill out your personal information as shown below





You will be asked to verify your account . You can do this easily by clicking the email or phone number tab then hit “send code” and you will be sent a code.




Check your email or mobile phone for a code and type this in to complete registrationalpari_4





Check your email account for your login username and password.alpari_5




You now need to credit your account before you can invest





Depending on your country and your preference of local currency please select the correct currency for transitory account and deposit. In this example we will use a deposit in $dollars and credit a $dollar transitory account before we invest. ( you will need a minimum of $50 to invest )





You can upload your documents to verify who you are now or later.





Now you must select the funds to be transferred & make payment





Please confirm the selection




Fill in your credit card details and hit the payment button






Once your funds have been verified and deposited and payment verified you can now proceed to invest funds into Panther FUND. You can go back to the Panther FUND page or click on the invest button and you will be taken straight back to the invest page.


invest now



Once you are in the “Invest Now” page please fill in the amount you are willing to invest . Also from the drop down please select the account from which your deposit is currently held. Now you have allocated funds to Panther fund









After investing you will revive an email to inform you that you have successfully invested with Panther FUND.


Now sit and wait for us to make profits. It is best to usually wait a few months before you start withdrawing any profits. This will allow your account to build up and give your enough time to grow your account